There are many ways to support me throughout this year of serving & learning…

Through the amazing support from you all, I have reached my financial goal for the year !! I cannot thank each of you enough for this support. While I have reached my financial goal, this journey still cannot be possible without prayers as well !

PRAYERS. That is the single more important part of support. Prayers for open mindedness, prayers for safety, prayers for a calm and peaceful center, prayers for a focused mind, prayers for old and new relationships, prayers for the Diocese of Uruguay and all it’s people, and the list goes on !!

Along with these prayers, I would like to also be praying for YOU.

RELATIONAL: It would mean a great deal to me to stay connected throughout the year. While I will be building knew relationships in Uruguay, I want to continue building the relationships I have already established in the United States, as well as creating new ones. Communication is key for this one. So while I try my best to keep you all updated with what this journey is bringing, I would love to continuing hearing about what is going on in your lives as well.


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