I’m leaving on a jet plane, don’t know when I’ll be back again…

Well, not quite yet, but soon !! As of this week, my backpack and I have an official departure date. I will be flying out of Boston on October 2nd, with one stop in Miami, and then straight to Montevideo !! For all those wondering: yes, of course I cried when I found out (certainly tears of joy though).

People keep asking how I feel about it, if I am nervous, or excited. I think the proper emotion I am feeling is “ready”…yes I just decided that ready is an emotion now. I am sure once October 2nd nears, I will be overcome with “young-Kirsten-on-Christmas-morning” (okay, I still wake up at 6 am) excitement and “8-year-old-Kirsten-going-to-sleep-away-camp-for-the-first-time” nerves, but for now, I am ready.

It has been a strange summer filled with a lot of goodbyes, goodbye friends, goodbye house, goodbye Pennsylvania, with certainly more to come. But it has also been an incredibly thought provoking and filled with new knowledge. I spent two weeks at Holy Cross Monastery in New York with my fellow YASCers for missionary orientation back in late June. I was filled to the brim with new information, love and support. I am not only excited to see what God has in store for my adventure, but for the adventures of each YASCer.

I cannot thank each one of you enough for you prayers and support throughout this process, it would not be possible without you !!


(A photo of the Monks at Holy Cross giving us a blessing)