My Backpack

If you know me, then you most likely also know My Backpack. My backpack has been with me for just over 3 years now. In those three years we have moved in and out of two different apartments, out of my childhood home, and into my current house. In those three years we have seen the mountain tops of West Virginia, the streets of Philadelphia and NYC, the inside of many, many classrooms, the beaches of the Jersey Shore, the lakes of Maine, the woods of the Poconos, the relief work sites in Atlantic City. Through all these adventures My Backpack has carried text books upon textbooks, bandaids, sunscreen, BUG SPRAY, wet towels, my stuffed bunny, granola bars, stinky sneakers, toothbrushes, my laptop, work gloves, and most importantly, and most often, my bible.

Now My Backpack and I are preparing for our next adventure. On Sunday we will be traveling to New York for two weeks of orientation with the other YASC volunteers for the upcoming year. This time, My Backpack will be carrying my newest bible, a Spanish/English bilingual bible (thank you to my wonderful roommate for such an amazing birthday gift !!).

With this beginning comes a lot of endings. Tomorrow will be my last day at work (not my last-but-I’ll-be-back-after-the-summer-day, but my last, last day). I will be saying goodbye to my normal, routine, structured life. This is the beginning of an amazing adventure. Yes, of course I am nervous, scared, worried, but more than anything, hopeful and excited. After a few good laughs with my roommates, I am ready for this. THIS IS REAL.

So prayers for this next leg of the jounrey would be greatly appreciated. It’s going to be a strange couple of days ahead of me !!

And to quote some good 90’s music…“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end”